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Microblading is a form of micropigmentation in which pigment is inserted into the skin above the eyebrows, creating a fuller, more defined eyebrow shape and color. At Bella Vous Beauty, I offer professional microblading services so that you can have perfectly shaped eyebrows to enhance your natural beauty. 


Micropigmentation, such as eyeliner, provides long-lasting and natural-looking results. 

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Lip Blush 

Lip blush is a type of a micropigmentation procedure that can give you the appearance of fuller and plumper lips that can give you a gorgeous look so you can be effortlessly beautiful all the time. 

Paramedical - Areola Repigmentation 

Areola repigmentation is a procedure that is done on the area of the chest where the areola is or would be found.  The idea of areola repigmentation is that is alters the appearance of the nipple in some way, whether is is adding one or changing the shape.  Areola repigmentation is particularly detailed in regards to blending and shading, to ensure a natural look.